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Hello, everyone.

I've been a 'lurker' here for a long time(maybe a couple of years...). However, I think it's time to introduce myself and tell "thank you." to everyone in this forum. You guys are very nice and sweet, and help me cope with my anxiety issues, choose medications and so on. Actually, here in Korea, those information is very hard to find for laypeople like me. And a stigma about psychiatric disorders(even just a mild neurotic disorders) is rampant.(Maybe that explains why Korea ranks first in suicide statistics). So that's the reason I joined this forum, and English.

By the way, let me introduce myself. First of all, I've been living in Seoul, South Korea since I was born. Now I'm a sophomore at a college not that far from my house. I still live with my parents, and go to school by subway. My major is computer science and engineering, and I'm planning to also major in psychology, too. I think college life is much better than high school life because I can have my own time. When I was a high school student, I had to stay there from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm. But now, I can control my time with being with people. For example, when I feel anxious, I can just hide my self at the corner of the campus.

So anyways... Hello, everyone!! :)
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