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hello... new here... im a guy living in the US, about to turn 30 soon... i like anime, manga, and video games. my social anxiety is really, really bad... ive been suffering with it for around 15 years now... i often go days, weeks, months doing nothing just laying around feeling anxious and sad. my emotions overwhelm me easily... i am very sensitive, and sentimental... i love being lost in fiction but i always go through a lot of heartache and turmoil whenever i snap back to reality...

i have tried to make many friends but i inevitably end up ghosting all of them because i become overwhelmed with fear and anxiety trying to communicate with them. i came here thinking maybe if i found people who could relate to my issues, we could communicate more effectively... but it may just turn out that i can't talk to anyone... i'm sorry. i really dislike myself.

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