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I am not sure what level of S.A. that I have, but I am pretty sure I've got some level of it. After all, my childhood idea of a fun afternoon, was not playing a football game, going to a party, or fishing with my parents... my fun was spending hours with my lego sets.

Anyways fast forward to the future, I'm somewhat more confident at 18. I ( think to myself) that I hide my insecurites pretty well.

But of course just like everyone else here, despite, being a "decent young man" "polite" funny etcetera.... getting a girlfriend.. is .. well ... harder than A level Chemistry.

My latest performance occurred when sitting with my friend, and a girl. My friend can be a bit talkative at times, and maybe was trying TOO hard to help me out with this girl.

Nontheless she eventually blurted out "i'm not the guy's girlfriend !"

Well, personally, I think I've heard just about enough "we're just friends" speeches in my lifetime ( about 4 so far ). I don't even feel the motivation to ask any girls out for a while...

And I'm graduating from college this year
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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