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Hello every 1

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I need help. I gave in to society and went out with this guy. It lasted for 5 months but then he said i never want to go anywhere . Eventually he started messing around and now i'm brokenhearted and scared to try again. Now all i do is stay in the house or go out on the porch. Work is my only outing.
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HELLO ynotbefree,

Welcome :wel to the SAS :sas forum !
Hi. I'm certain you'll be okay. Did you have SA before? In any case, that guy probably just couldn't handle commitment.
Hi ynotbefree :wel

There's always hope of becoming more outgoing if that's what you want or finding someone more compatible with who you are. We are all here for you and each other any way we can. Things can get better.
Hello and welcome. I've had my heart broken before. I thought my life was over and no-one would ever love me again. I was wrong! I got over it, and you can too, it just takes time. I know it's utterly miserable, but it gets better.
Hey ynotbefree :wels
Hey, I went through the same thing with one of my ex-boyfriends. Now I'm fortunate to have a man in my life that likes to stay at home with me. Welcome to SAS!
Welcome, YNotBeFree! :)
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