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Hello am new

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Hi its my first time here! Dont know what to say except all through my life i have not been able to make friends! Am 43 now and dont have any life experience as have severe social anxiety,depression,stress,ocd,phobias and possibly aspergers syndrome. I remember not having a single friend when teenager and in my 20s i hated life and only had my dad to talk to when we got on. When in my late 20s i made 1 or 2 friends i got treated badly and got taken advantage of and pysically attacked. Have been bullied and isolated when tried a job. Now at present do voluntary work for 2 days in charity shop but cant make friends there as my life so different and unusual so cant relate to me so only general chit chat with them. Its no fun walking around town on your own and everyone has someone with them. Strange thing people dont believe im like as am perceived as attractive but only got told that when i was an adult so people dont believe nobodys fancied me and never been on a date. I guess it doesnt help that im asexual. Sorry being to honest and open here. I will go now then probably scared everyone away now. Oh have been at a day centre for 15 yrs which is in danger of closing now! :eek:
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Welcome Tot! :)
I read all of that tot :D

That doesn't sound like you had much fun :(

Anyway welcome to SAS :D
welcome :)
Hey tot welcome. :hyper
Hello everyone thanks for welcoming me! I appreciate that! All i can say its awful not able to make friends and bein on your own all the time as you dont experience things that other people with friends and family do, so most of the time i come across as decades younger than i do. Its not nice feeling excluded from society and forgotten about. The days im at home i have solitary persuits like watching dvds,listening to music and just joining forums on the internet!
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