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I live and work in singapore and the climate is extremely humid and hot. The first 2 years i didnt have any problems with it. I could wear long pants, polo shirts etc. No problems at all. Then i lost my job, had to start from scratch and nothing to fall back on. I got depressed, took a lot of tramadol, valium to cope with my social anxiety and for the past year (out of nowhere) i have some heavy sweating issues.
It starts from the top down, so my forehead will be covered in sweat, my chest.. its just an endless nightmare. Most of the time i can work from home and i always open all windows, dont use the aircon because i thought my body might adjust to the heat, so it doesnt 'shock' me when i go out but i dont even think its related to the weather.
I tried many different things like hypnotherapy, counseling but NEVER got on any real meds that helped me beat the sweating issue.
So nowadays when i go out, just to buy food, get a haircut, go to 711 or anything simple like that - i will walk 5 meters and start sweating from top to bottom. Its so emberassing and i have no idea how to deal with it.
Just now i went downstairs to buy some food and the food vendor started some chit chat with me. I actually enjoyed talking to him but i could already feel the sweat dripping down my forehead and my whole shirt getting soaked in sweat. I had to cancel my order and rush home course i simply couldnt take the stares from the people around me anymore.
I am not overweight, relative good looking and have a normal appearance. 'Technically' i have no reason to get anxious and start sweating. Its not even that i am afraid of conversation. I am happy if people talk to me but the sweating issue kills everything. People get uncomfortable talking to me and wonder whats wrong with me.
Is there anything i can do to prevent this heavy sweating? I dont want to spend the rest of my live taking 1-2 valiums before i go out.
Please help me, i am losing it here.. :|
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