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What a beautiful scene you two had going. Here's the truth, you're 19, you're young, you've got a big pearl inside of you awaiting for the right guy.

Honestly, the dating life is a roller-coaster it gets good at certain spots and it gets rough at certain spots. But at the end of this roller coaster you'll eventually find that one true love, the one who'll love, care, and think of your unconditionally. Be proud of yourself, be happy with who you are, and when you look back at your decisions don't judge yourself for the mistakes or bad choices you think you made. Evaluate your judgments, think of how you could have done it better, and how you'll do it better next time! :D

**Should I have even dumped him in the first place?**

This guy did what most young gay men do, they see another interest and they move on. Not a lot of gay guys are committed in their relationships, we're all in this to find that one guy we can commit ourselves to. This probably never would have worked out with you two in the first place, faith has another adventure for you and him. : )

You did great, I probably would have broken up with him as well. Although I would have expressed my feelings, and thoughts with him. I would have listen to his feelings and thoughts as well. Then I would have said, " You know what, we are not meant to be " and leave the relationship with a good understanding of each other.

**How can you just forget someone you dated for almost a year in a matter of less than a week and move on with another person?**

You don't move on with another person, you don't over think of what you did wrong, you cherish the memories you've created together good and bad ones. You learn from it, then you physically and mentally pick yourself up and get out there!!

I go to the gym a lot, 4-5 times a week. I'm not in a relationship, have really never been in a physical relationship with a guy. When I'm stressed, lonely, I go to the gym, work out, and build self up both physically and mentally!

Get a hobby, get out there, put yourself out in the world we live in. Don't dwell too much on your break up, yes it takes time, but just realize that it wasn't you, it wasn't him, it wasn't either of you in the first place. : ) Your partner is out there waiting for you, searching for you. So help him with the search, and continue : )

**Was I the bad guy in forbidding him from talking to the "friend"? I can't help but blame myself for this relationship going the way it did. In the end, my suspicions were right though, there was something going on.**

There was something going on, something that is not tolerated in my book. I'm sorry but if you cannot tell me the truth, your feelings and thoughts about me and my friends, or your potential new boyfriend then really why are we working so hard to be in this relationship?

Perhaps forbidding him right off the back wasn't a good idea, because then he'll just do it behind your back. Talk, communicate your concerns, and listen.

**I can't help lusting and wanting to be with him, should I just move on or continue to obsess over us? I can't help but think about the good times we had. It's this feeling that I'll never meet anyone as unique as him ever again. I've met a lot of gay guys online and there's this awkward egocentricness I sense from almost all of them except him. :(**

You should never obsess over a break up. Break up happens for a reason, and the reasons varies, you know the reason as to why you broke up. All you can do it learn from the past and move on. Eventually you'll have to keep living. It'll take time for you to stop thinking about him, but think about your new hobby!!

**How do you move on from a break up? I've never had a relationship before. When we broke up, all these raw emotions just hit me and I never expected it.**

I've never been in a physical relationship such as you. But I have been in situations where I felt like crying non stop, obsess over everything. What I do is I pick myself up, go to the beach [Thank you Florida!] go to the gym, and just continue to build myself up physically and mentally for the next event. I learn from the past mistakes/situations and I tackle the next situations mentally and physically prepared!

: )
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