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We meet on Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm in Havre de Grace , Maryland. This is exit #85 off interstate 95. Meetings are held in my home in a relaxed comfortable setting.

Our meetings begin with listening to a CBT audio tape from Dr Richards Overcoming SAD series. This lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Often times either I or past members will teach this material rather than listen to the tape. We then discuss the cognitive material for this session and how it might relate to our own life and behaviors. This is followed by a short break.

What follows are behavioral group and individual exercises. These, like the tapes, are progressive and build up and become more challenging as participants feel ready to move up on their individual anxiety behavioral hierarchy. There are a minimal number of behavioral exercises in the first few sessions but group members invariably begin to look forward to this part of our meeting as the most fun and rewarding. As we progress in the 20 tape series the behavioral exercises are slowly expanded.

Participation in the activities is completely voluntary. No one is coerced into participation; however, they are encouraged to "stretch" themselves just a little each week.

People with the most severe levels of SAD are encouraged to seek professional help and discuss medication as a tool in their recovery with a Psychiatrist.

You are welcome to come and observe our group anytime if you would like to see what we do first hand. We have members from as far away as Delaware and D.C. who commute over 2 hours each way to attend. Attending the first meeting is the most challenging step and requires some faith ,courage and determination on your part. No one has ever died of embarrassment or regretted being here, trust for now that it won't be as hard or uncomfortable as you might imagine it will be for you, that it just might be a relaxed and friendly environment. It is important before you decide to join that you are ready to commit to attending the meetings as regularly as possible and doing the prescribed exercises alone at home during some personal time you make for yourself each day. This will assure you of success and lasting relief from this life altering disorder.

More Info:
Email: [email protected]
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