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Is it possible? Is anyone here responsible over other people at their jobs? How do you handle it? How do you assert yourself well?I have an awesome new job (thank the universe). It's another retail position, but this store isn't like my last job that fired me for shyness. The people are very cool and don't believe in being intrusive to the customers, just friendly. Anyway, I am responsible for a team of 6 associates in one department.I am determined to suceed here and don't want my SA to get in the way. I really like this store and I want this to be the job I stay at.If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it!
* Hi! Congratulations on your job! I have SA and I work in a management position over people. It was not easy at first but I love the people I work with and it has teached me so much. I work at a bank and I am a teller manager. It can be stressful but I have an assistant to help me out. I never thought I would be able to handle something like this because of my shyness and SA, but SA can put senseless fear inside you that will keep you from ever trying new things, well I did it anyway and it has really helped me deal with people and since I am majoring in business it has helped me to be more business minded. Just remember that you can do this and that you can learn from any working experience. Good luck!*
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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