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My fiance is very social and obviously I'm not. I have a lot of guilt about this and feel like I'm holding him back a lot. That isn't entirely the case though since he just moved to NYC a year ago so he's had to start over here and doesn't have friends he hangs out with. He has made friends at work but doesn't hang out with them outside of work. Sometimes he's claimed to not have accepted invitations because he knows I would be uncomfortable but I don't know. I just get he wishes I had my own set of friends already so we could just have people to hang out with. Luckily for the most part he is a big homebody and is content spending insane amounts of time on the Xbox (grrr lol). I worry this will hurt our relationship in the long haul and so recently I told myself to accept the first invitation....haven't had one I could include my fiance in though :sigh

Having a significant other doesn't solve all problems, sometimes it creates more in regards to SA.
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