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Have you ever...

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Have you ever...

Have you ever oil painted?
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No…I don’t tuck in at all. Like my shirts long and baggy.

Have you ever attended any of your class reunions?
No. Not even sure I was invited. Honestly wouldn't want to go because I'm ashamed of my life and anyone I actually cared to get in contact with I could probably find a way online. Also a lot of people were jerks or bullies to me in high school.

Have you ever raised or grown your own food?
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I haven't but my wife grows vegetables in the back yard - she likes a bit of gardening. I'm more of a let's just go down to Safeway type of guy. :oops:

Have you ever rowed a rowboat?

Have you ever fishtailed on a bike?
Many times as a kid

Have you ever been arrested?

Have you ever eaten a hotdog with a stale bun?
Yes. It was almost like it was toasted but gross.

Have you ever eaten a torta?
Yes, it was tasty.

Have you ever owned a valuable collectible (antique, coin, stamp, book, whatever)?
Well, I have a collection of some sort, but idk how valuable I would say it is.

Have you ever sewn your own clothes?
Don't think so.

Have you ever gone hang-gliding?
Minor surgery

Have you ever picked up a bad habit from hanging around a bad influence?
Shamefully, no. All of my bad habits were chosen.

Have you ever used a card catalogue at a library?
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Yeah. I remember those days.

HYE smoked weed?
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Long time ago - it was compulsory back then.

Have you ever been to France?
Yes, just a few days in Paris.

Have you ever TPed someone's house?
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Have you ever left the theater before a movie was over because the movie was so bad?
Yes, meningitis when I was a kid.

Have you ever been crapped on by a bird?
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