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Have you ever...

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Have you ever...

Have you ever oil painted?
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Have you ever had your picture appear in the local newspaper?
I can't stand coconut water - they brought a whole coconut to me one time in Bangkok and I gave it to someone else.

Have you ever started a conversation with the person next to you on the train or bus?
No, wish I could. I was on a train from London to Oxford and heard a garbled announcement but was too embarrassed to ask anyone what was said. Turns out that was my transfer; I ended up in Bath instead.

Have you ever done improv or open mike standup?

Have you ever gotten something you didn't order, ate it anyway and found it was better than what you ordered?
Not that I can recall.

Have you ever ordered food and returned it because there was something seriously wrong with it?
I probably have but it's probably been decades. TBH, I'll eat pretty much anything. I've ordered fast food and the fries were almost completely cold and were chewy in a way you don't want your fries to be chewy. I still ate them. I probably didn't go back to that place but I ate 'em anyway.

Have you ever been skydiving? Would you?
No, but yes, as it sounds like fun.

Have you ever stepped foot inside a Trader Joe's grocery store?
Yes, they have some good stuff, unfortunately the closest one is about an hour away from me.

Have you ever ridden in a really expensive automobile?
Uh, yes. I've ridden in a $100k Porsche. Recently, in a new Tesla.

Have you ever had Marine One (the President's helicopter) fly over your house? (I have, it was really low, too.)
Not over my home, but G.W. Bush toured a flooded out town two towns over back in 2004, and our bus was stopped while Marine One took off.

Have you ever been to a U.S. president's in-person appearance?
I attended a rally of his before he was President if that counts. I did have a family member with an in person encounter. Was dining at a local restaurant and the President at that time stopped in to sample the food that restaurant and the city overrall are known for.

Have you ever gone horseback riding?
I have for a few times at least in my faintest of memories, but I cannot recall any of them in particular. I just remember it was very physically uncomfortable. I was slipping left or right, and I struggle to latch my feet onto the pedal latches. It might've been from a school field trip. Also another time I remember it was probably in some parade of sorts. Both times I was kids. I don't remember if I ever rode a horse during college, since I worked in a sheep barn for a college summer job. They have horses there too though.

Have you ever pet a live pig?
I have. It's name was Lucy May and it was the biggest pig I've ever seen. :LOL:

Have you ever driven a riding lawn mower?
No, but I think my grandparents had a petrol or diesel riding mower at their house when I was a child.

Have you ever stood with the crowds to see the pope, when he visited your country?̂
Nope, I've personally never been near a pope.

Have you ever went through a phase in your adolescent years because of music?
Yeah. I went through a weird phase in the late 80s about the time Guns N' Roses became popular. My parents made it worse because I had a friend (my only friend) they didn't like and didn't want me hanging out with him. Which obviously just made me angry and rebellious.

Have you ever gone outside in the middle of the night and hollered "MILDEW!" at the top of your lungs?

Have you ever had a bowel movement so large it plugged up the toilet?
Unfortunately, yes. There are few emotional storms in life that can match that "Oh LITERAL ****!" moment when it's the middle of the night, you're half awake and you realize the toilet is gonna overflow.

Have you ever bought something on a whim, taken it home, sat it in front of you and thought "Why'd I buy this?"?
...Yes (I'm too ashamed to point out what I bought :censored:).

Have you ever found yourself becoming overwhelmingly attracted to an ethnic group or groups of people that you previously didn't find attractive or didn't pay special attention to?
Yep, when I got into anime and kpop lol.

Have you ever smoked weed?
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