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Have you ever...

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Have you ever...

Have you ever oil painted?
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Unfortunately, yes.

Have you ever had a bug fly in your mouth when you were singing?

Have you ever attended a high school reunion?

Have you ever attended a high school reunion?
No. I don't think anybody would invite me to a high school reunion. I was actually quite annoying and loud when I was at school, I didn't have SA back then. People probably don't remember me fondly.

Have you ever sat down really fast on the sofa and squashed something important (like reading glasses, mobile phone, cat etc.)?
I don't have any specific memories of that. I have occasionally maybe damaged important things that way.

Have you ever watched someone doing something weird on Youtube in slow motion over and over just because it's so hilarious?
No, I have never bought or sold anything on Ebay amazingly. Not ever in all the years it has been running.

Have you ever had an angry farmer chase you off his land?

Have you ever eaten a slice of pizza in three bites?
More than likely.

Have you ever dreamed about a person you haven't seen in a long time then ran into them shortly thereafter?
A few times oddly enough. The most crazy one was a housemate from college of 6 months. A college that is about 10 hours away, completely in another part of the state I am living in now. She was from another part of the country thousands of miles away. After we parted, I never kept in touch with her, seen her nor spoke to her again. Many MANY years later, one weekend I was walking my dog past a house that is 3 houses down from where I am living now. It had just been sold and the new family was moving in. And the mom emerged behind a SUV I was walking by and she was that housemate. Probably one of the freakiest and most unsettling coincidence I can recall. About a week before this, I did randomly dream a past moment in college and she was in that dream.

Have you ever ice skated?
Yes, a few times - also roller skated. I used to like it but if I tried it now I'd probably get dizzy and fall over.

Have you ever asked someone on a train if you could take a photo of them?

Have you ever shared a taxi home with someone, when really pissed (drunk), after a night out?
No…I have never been in a taxi before at all.

Have you ever gone backstage to meet the band after a concert?
No. I have never been to a concert at all.

Have you inadvertently made a snorting sound while interacting with people and had them act like they didn't hear it even though they obviously did? ( :LOL: )
No. But I have had a few similar incidents happen with other embarrassing sounds probably.

Have you ever tripped, fell or walked into something in front of a large group of people that noticed?
Nothing comes to mind at the moment. When I'm in front of large groups of people I seem to prefer verbally embarrassing myself. I save my falls for private.

Have you ever gone for a walk in the snow?
Many times. Not so much in the last 20 years or so, however.

HYE eaten one of those giant Hershey Kisses in one sitting?

HYE eaten an entire bags of regular sized Hershey Kisses in one sitting?
No, I'm not that into sweets

HYE intentionally walked in the rain?
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