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Have you ever...

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Ask the person below you a question starting with

Have you ever...

Have you ever oil painted?
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lol no, I would never walk up to a complete stranger in public and ask them out on a date - unless I was wasted maybe... :lol

Have you ever gotten stung by a bee?
I think I might have but I can't be sure. (could have been heavily medicated at the time)

Have you ever been in a helicopter and what was it like? (I haven't)
I haven't but I would be interested too, it seems cool.

Have you ever tried bungee jumping?
No way, I'm scared of heights.

Did you ever write a paper for HS or college in which you either plagiarized something or just completely fabricated something?
Nope. But cheated on a couple of tests by having some answers secretly written down.

Have you ever been to a rock music festival?
Yes, but not for a while now.

Have you ever called someone the wrong name or had someone call you the wrong name? Did they correct you or did you correct them?
My name isn’t very common so no.

Have you ever farted and blamed it on someone else?

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Have you ever found more than $5 laying on the ground?
Yes I have

Have you ever spilled coffee on yourself?

Have you ever scraped your knee when falling off a bike?
Yes, numerous times.

Have you ever been to summer camp?
I have. I have even seen it comin' down on a sunny day.

Have you ever cut down your own Christmas tree?
No I haven't - I've bought a real one a few times back when my son was little. Now my wife just has a fake one.

Have you ever given someone something you really valued?

Have you ever had to buy Preparation H in person?
No I've never got that.

Have you ever thrown food at someone?
Ummmm. I don't think so.

Have you ever won a free month's supply of Frosted Flakes?
Can't say I have.

Have you ever won a "jackpot" on a slot machine?

Have you ever gotten a goldfish for Christmas?
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