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Have you ever...

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Ask the person below you a question starting with

Have you ever...

Have you ever oil painted?
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Have you ever milked a cow?

Have you ever lazied the whole day away playing games?

Have you ever been interviewed by your local news?

Have you ever been on a water slide?
No, i have not.
Have you traveled abroad alone?

Have you ever chosen a baby's name?
A couple of times when I was younger.

Have you ever photoshopped your photograph?

Have you ever won a significant amount of money gambling?

Have you ever eaten 2 chocolates one after another?
I actually feel like that quite often - but then I know I'm not taking enough medication.

Have you ever driven a BMW?

Have you ever experienced the treasure hunt at Ross?

Have you ever been invited to join a Discord server?

Have you ever crowd surfed?
Sort of

Have you ever been bitten by a shark or some other animal?
Not a shark but a dog and a hamster

Have you ever recorded a commercial that you thought was entertaining and watched it over and over just to be doing it?
Actually, yes.

Have you ever had a mole or growth in an embarrassing area?
Not that I'm aware of. What have you heard?

Have you ever gone to a playground and swung on the swings as an adult?
7161 - 7180 of 7646 Posts