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Have you ever...

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Have you ever...

Have you ever oil painted?
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Have you ever travelled outside of the country you live in?
Yes, I went to Canada once when I was a kid.

Have you ever done yoga?
Sort of. They need to make a more masculine version

Have you ever ridden a horse?
Nope lol.

HYE vomited in a roller coaster?
No, but I remember getting dizzy on that twirling spinning thing. Something like a giant centrifuge

Have you ever dyed your hair a funky color?
Yeah most colours at some point and multiple colours at the same time

Have you ever been to a waterpark?
No lol

HYE shaved 'down there'?

Have you ever stayed in bed when you had tons of stuff to do?

HYE been in a rock band?
Haha, I wish!

Have you ever contracted any form of coronavirus?
no but I think I got a bout of swine flu a good while back. Did that cross over to humans? Cant remember.

Have you ever threw up in a neighbours hanging basket, while they watched?

Have you ever been on a speedboat?

Have you ever baked cookies?

Have you ever ridden on the New York City subway?

Have you ever dyed your hair?

Have you ever left your continent?

Have you ever bowled?
7001 - 7020 of 7646 Posts