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Have you ever...

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Have you ever...

Have you ever oil painted?
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Probably some minor things. I haven't achieved anything big like going to space or the like. xD

Have you ever opened a delivery only to notice the box was empty as they forgot to pack the actual item you ordered?
This probably happens about 1/4th of times whenever I buy something on ebay from a China-based seller. Usually it's cheap stuff so I don't really care as much.

Have you ever accidentally or intentionally hurt someone to the point where they had to go to the hospital afterwards?
Once I had a car accident in which someone in the other vehicle went to the hospital, and someone I hit playing football had to be taken by ambulance. Fortunately both I believe turned out all right. Can't recall any others.

Have you ever had to use a fire extinguisher?
Not a big scorpion.

Ever seen a rattlesnake up close?
When hiking with my dog I saw one on a trail. Went the other direction immediately lol

HYE been to New Zealand?
No I haven't.

Hye stayed up for a few days in a row?
Purple elephants
Ever purchased pre-worn panties online?

Have you ever gone to a comedy club?
No I've seen individual comedian(s) though.

Hye been to Universal Studios?
Haven't been even close. :D
Have you ever played musical instrument, if so, then which one and why?
Yes. As a child in the early 90s.

HYE been to Caledonia?
Would love to go. Maybe some day soon.

Ever kicked a meatball?

EDIT: Oop, read that as California there, but eh, I guess I wouldn't mind going there.
Maybe, I tend to drop food on the floor from time to time. :)

Have you ever rowed a boat?
A few times

Ever gotten revenge on somebody?
No. I wanted to report somethings but had to think about it sensibly & also didnt want to go through with the upset.

Hye thought its boring to get ready but good once you get there?
I suppose but I don't think I spend as nearly as much time getting ready for something that most people, especially women, do

Have you ever laughed at your stupidity?
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