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Have you ever...

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Have you ever...

Have you ever oil painted?
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Ever learned something but couldn't practically apply the concepts?

ever listened to Kazakh pop?

Ever manipulated a system to your likings?
Ummm I don't know about manipulating but I do change my desktop image to my liking.

Have you ever watched the stars at night?
Nope. I fail at girly things, I never do anything like that...had my nails done once urged by my grandmother. lol

HYE met a celebrity?
Many a time.

Have you ever fainted?

HYE gone out of your way to help someone?
too many times, and in one person's case, it has led to a lot of deep anguish. hopefully she'll get her life together and finally move out of town with a solid job offer soon, and stop bothering me on the phone with very random requests for favors.

HYE gone on a trip to a foreign country?

have you ever met someone for the first time but it felt like you were old friends?
Hmm... Never.

Ever stumbled upon a natural remedy that actually worked?
Depends what you mean. If for mental illness, I wish.

Have you ever regretted not telling someone how much you love them?
No... That hasn't happened to me... yet.

Ever proposed a "master plan" to make the world a "better" place?
Never, but I admit that every time I've boarded a flight, that disturbing imagery of plane wreckage and carnage enters my mind, and it tends to linger there in the background until I've reached my destination.

Ever overdosed on the flarting, and got rejected?
No...and I am not even quite sure what that means.

HYE gotten caught in the rain?
Yeah many times and I got caught in a fairly big downpour here once and couldn't see where I was walking at all. Then it started hailing large chunks of ice. The weather here can be pretty neurotic.

Have you ever climbed a mountain?
Yes, sort of. Hiked in Sedona and had to climb up some areas.

HYE gone scuba diving?

HYE climbed a Fourteener? (Mountain over 14,000 feet high)
6661 - 6680 of 7646 Posts