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Have you ever...

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Have you ever...

Have you ever oil painted?
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Yep, and a few fingers were sacrificed too.

U ever felt that a certain day just seemed "off"?
No, if I don't win I take my stuff and go home.

have you ever been in a parade?
They're always on display. Don't stand in my light.

Have you ever been so tired that your eyes are watery the entire day?
No. They will issue a warrant for your arrest if you do that.

Ever been to a strip club?
^ Hehe! Which is what I was getting at! :b

And uh, no. Never went near those places and probably never will.

U ever farted and the left the round table discussion?
don't think so, but I've flung some b.s.

have you ever fallen asleep while at the movies?

Ever driven on the opposite side of the highway

U ever turned off the "invisible mode" feature?
Never turned it off or on

Hye arrived at a store just as they were closing but they refuse to let you in?
No, I try to avoid stores if I know they're closing. I worked in retail so long I always hated it when people rushed inside a minute before close and would feel bad doing that to them.

HYE gotten stranded because of a storm while traveling?
Not really stranded - but I wouldn't care anyway. I love storms - especially ones up in SE Asia.

HYE been in a helicopter?
Yes, i really enjoy them.

HYE climbed a mountain?
Hypothetically yes I've climbed out of depression twice in my life when I thought there was no way that I could.

In real life no I've never climbed a mountain.

Have you ever driven on a race track?
Yes, believe it or not.

HYE spilled a hot beverage in your lap?
Yeah, and it hurt!

U ever just gave up, and went to sleep?
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