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Have you ever...

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Ask the person below you a question starting with

Have you ever...

Have you ever oil painted?
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Of course - a couple of times. :)

Do I have to think of another question now? (I might need a minute)

Okay - hye been to a cricket match?

have you ever been to a private party of a complete stranger?
Yes - but a long time ago. I had a very good friend who always knew where there was a party. I remember lying on the grass with her out the back after smoking a joint and seeing a couple of bare bottoms run by. It was pretty strange.

Hye been in a hot air balloon?
No :(

Have you ever crashed a car?
yeah, I was in a car accident when I was 18. Questionable whose fault it was.

Have you ever broken down/had a flat on a busy freeway?
Yeah. My car overheated and I must of been driving in a trance, and not notice

Have you ever written a song?
Yes, I was on the bus and didn't have a pen or anything, so I repetead part of the lines until getting home.

Have you ever faked being a friend?
Wow, no

Have you ever been told you were a great friend?
I realize that my LORD JESUS CHRIST loves me today. It's like waking up to a wonderful dream and having it be real. HE fought for us when a third of the Kingdom rebelled and caused a war. And on top of all that HE sacrificed HIMSELF as a perfect sacrifice to some how save us from satan's grasp. The LORD's love is so great I just love HIM because of it, and will now live HIS commandments to make it home to Heaven to be with HIM and the LORD GOD forever. I celebrate HIM because HE is life eternal and all that is good!
Erm pass I dont know ask me later.

Hye lost it?
If you mean in the sense of lost your mind, I did have a panic attack before...had to leave my workspace to deal with it in the bathroom. It was pretty embarrassing, I couldn't keep working and got sent home.

Have you ever been on an air balloon?
no, but came close when the oil in my old wok caught on fire. I quickly covered it as the flame was several feet tall.

have you ever pissed someone off enough that they wanted to fight you?
I don't think so. I avoid confrontations as much as possible.

Have you ever played an honest-to-goodness game of catch with your dad?
Nope, lol.

Have you ever had a crush on an online person, lol?
Yes, he lived all the way in Greece. It was ridiculous. Ha...

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?

Have you ever pulled someone's finger when he or she asked you to?
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