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I have been working at a graduate school for over a year now as front office/admissions administrative support (I basically do all the technical stuff getting a new student enrolled in classes, the advisors do the recruiting).

When I was hired, the girl I replaced, Natasha, was moving to another location. When I met her after my first interview, she told me the other place is closer to her home.

As I was getting settled, I eventually realized that the real reason Natasha left was because of the people here, one in particular.

Rachel has been working for this company for over 13 years in the same position, the same job title as me, doing administrative support duties. Our old boss never believed in cross-training us (his philosophy was “why pay two people to do the same job?”), so we had separate responsibilities. But I also started realizing that Rachel did hardly anything while I was juggling the admissions process, the financial aid advising, the AR for our center, contracts for faculty, class files, etc.

She would also dump stuff on my desk-things she knew and had the access to do, but couldn’t be bothered with it. I keep in touch with Natasha and she told me “You are a lot smarter than me! It took me way longer to figure that out!”

Thankfully, my old boss retired and I have a new one, whom I adore. Emily has been great-and she has been with the company for quite some time and she knows ALL about Rachel and how she got away with murder (our old boss used to write in that she did applications when she DID NOT on her performance reviews-she basically got rewarded monetarily for things she didn’t do). We have been working on cross training each other, which I am actually happy about, but Rachel is resisting.

Our part-timer left and I have no one to be my right wing person, which I desperately need (I don’t handle the financial aid and the AR anymore, thank god. We got a lovely new woman in to help with that). I know that she is older and has been comfortable with not being responsible for much for so long, but my patience has worn thin with her. When Emily arrived Rachel used our old boss as an excuse, essentially implying he is the reason why she never learned how to do admissions administrative duties, financials, etc.

I let that one go and figured that when Emily asked me to start cross-training her, this would really show me if she actually wanted to learn this stuff. Yesterday, I had a break down because every time I ask her to do something for me that she KNOWS how to do at this point, she gives me 5678674354321 excuses why she “might not get to it”. I know she has other stuff to do, but it takes her all week what should take her 2 days, tops. Plus, I find it irritating that I am STILL doing the majority of the work (Emily only has been here since mid January, and I know it takes time).

I had an hour long discussion with Emily yesterday, expressing my concerns (I broke down in tears because the promise that my load will lighten has not come to fruition, making me more anxious about everything). Although she agrees with me 100% she has to be fair to Rachel too, which I understand. However, she is basically asking me to find a way to train her and solve this challenge myself as much as possible. Rachel pulled some bull**** today basically saying that I should send files her way, but that she doesn’t want that many because nothing else is “being taken off my plate”(WE MADE A LIST OF EACH OF OUR RESPONSIBILTIES. SHE DOESN’T HAVE THAT MANY. TRUST ME.) I am absolutely at my wits end and yesterday I was ready to walk out of here.

I am aware that Emily is basically offering more responsibility and to see how I will handle the particular “challenge” I am facing with Rachel-I feel like if I could accomplish this, Emily would be a great reference if I ever moved up and on. At the same time, I don’t know if I can do it and some days I get pissed that I would even have to do it in the first place. No one taught me how to do **** in this place-I taught myself by harassing everyone I could to get answers to my questions.

I am torn. I like this place, but like I said, my patience is wearing super thin and I am considering moving to a different place in the company. But the economy is **** right now and I should probably just STFU. :roll

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Gah, that sounds horrible. In your position, I think I'd just hand stuff over to Rachael to do. Ignore any excuses. If the task doesn't get done, say "Oh, didn't Rachael do it? She said she would."

This may not be the best thing to do, but... I dunno. Good luck.

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It sounds like you might have to be a jerk in this situation.

You: Here's some stuff for you to do, Rachel.
Her: Oh, I don't have time, excuse, excuse, excuse.
You: Well, they're due by X and it's your responsibility. Here you go. <dump it on her desk, walk away>

And if she complains to your boss about it, well, then your boss is already aware of the problem.

Have a nice day,
Kelly :)
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