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hey there

Don't feel sad if nobody answered your post. Though I can't believe nobody didn't :sus

Groups are a challenge. You shouldn't feel bad about yourself if you didn't speak up. Wait your turn or raise your hand. Better yet, if you could talk to the teacher before or after class in private and explain your situation. You might have to talk to them more than once so they give you assurance and confidence next time.

I felt the same way before and how low my voice gets in those types of situation. You might want to practice at home or look into self-help book or at self-help websites and get tips on what to improve. At some point if it makes you more sad than helping, I recommend dropping out or withdrawing from the course until you are mentally prepared for another group. Nobody is born with a skill to speak in a group, it's a learned skill and is practiced until it becomes natural.

However, if you are in the group again, it is OK to say something small like one or two sentences. Don't add on anything until someone ask you or if you are brave go ahead & keep going. Some ppl in your group might also be shy.
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