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Being unfortunate enough to have cause to register on several medical forums, I know from experience that my first posts tend to be long and incoherent rants, so I will try to be brief, but I will fail.

I am not diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder - however I hope to go for a diagnosis very soon, for I easily meet the official diagnostic criteria outlined in DSM-IV-TR.

I am 18 years old. It is not uncommon for me to go more than a week without leaving the house. There have been several occasions when I have gone in to town to go to a specific shop, only to find it particularly busy and unable to make myself go in, whereupon I would return home. I always walk to town, because I cannot bring myself to use busses. I have, however, got to the stage where I can use trains. The fact that I feel slightly proud of being able to succesfully catch a train at 18 says a lot.

I get horrible anxiety around people, especially crowds. Often to the point where I exhibit physical symptoms, such as sweating, shaking, walking unnaturally fast, forgetting to breathe for extended periods and suddenly finding myself gasping for breath, pain in my chest...that sort of thing. When somebody knocks on the door of my house, I usually move away from the windows and pretend I am not in.

It is rare for me to do anything involving interaction with other people and have it go smoothly like it does for everyone else. I will always make some sort of error and then be unable to dig myself out of the hole I end up in. This has a lot to do with the fact that I have dyspraxia (which I am diagnosed with), and this poses all sorts of problems for social interaction, it also has a high rate of co-morbidity with conditions such as social anxiety disorder. My constant social errors that result from dyspraxia mean that my social anxiety is not entirely irrational - I really am being judged by people, because I am always doing things wrong. I find myself worrying intensely over social mistakes up to hours, days, weeks, months or sometimes even years after I make them.

There have been few times in my life when I have had friends. While I find myself perfectly able to hold a conversation in text form over the internet, physical conversation with people I do not know is usually quite difficult, because I become so anxious that I cannot think properly.

I also have many other physical medical conditions, which do not help matters either, as they put further distance between myself and "normal" people.

This, I am afraid, was a "brief" and somewhat understated account of my social anxiety related issues. Does this sound like social anxiety disorder, then? Do you think I would be succesful in getting a diagnosis? I promise that my following posts will be much more concise :p
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