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Greetings everyone!

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Hi everyone, I'm James.

Last night I was feeling lonely and bored, like usual (all I do is work and when I'm not working I'm at home in front of my computer). so I decided to google loneliness! The first article I clicked on had some advice to find a group for social anxiety, so here I am. I did some research on social anxiety and it turns out that I fit into a majority of the description/symptoms. Although I don't think my case is super severe, it's still enough to effect my life more than I'd like.

Just wanted to join to offer/receive some support... and to socialize with other people who share my inability to socialize with other people. :)
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Hi James, I googled avoidance syndrome on the off chance yesterday, not actually expecting anything to show up & lo & behold I was directed here.
After years of covering up how I feel and who I am, I went to the doctor's a few months ago and was referred to a psychologist(s), I've been seeing two of them, which initially made me nervous as I usually avoid meeting up with more than one person at a time, whenever possible. This put me in a pretty uncomfortable spot, though also brought out why I feel like this and in my third meeting yesterday they remarked that I wasn't so tense, which made me see that it was through facing a situation which I've dreaded, not saying that I've conquered it at all, but it's a start. Even writing this feels strange as it's I've felt so ashamed of how I am.
This feels like a good place, where you can be real about who you are, phew...(big sigh there:) Hope this finds you good!!
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