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Hey, this thread is really about trying to make friends.I'll tell you a bit about myself.My name is CountingClockwise,I attend sixth form, my passions are reading,drawing, but mainly creative writing.I've always got a few projects on the go.I love to read fanfiction.My favourite tv programmes are Doctor Who,Dexter, The Mentalist and Criminal Minds.For television programmes I like crime genre, for books-horror it romance and for films I like comedy. I used to have a pen pal but we lost touch so I'd really like to be able to regularly email someone.Obviously,I would prefer it if it's someone reasonably young, because I'm a student although I'm mentally mature for my age, so it's not a bother if they are a bit older.
Does anyone gave a googlemail account cause if you do, can you tell me your googlemail adress so I can drop you a line, as I don't have Aim our Swype,etc,all I got is googlemail.You can say your gmail adress in av reply to this or a private messafe, whatever is easier.
I'd like to contact people from England especially, because it's where I live, so it would mean that I could meet up with people.
Thank you :)
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