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Good Paying, Socially Limited, Low Stress Jobs?

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Hi I was wondering what are some high paying socially stress free or socially limited jobs. For instance from what I gather a computer programmer would be one type of job. My uncle is a computer programmer and it only recently occured to me he is an omnivert leaning more towards the introvert side. He also really likes computers. I live in Canada and am thinking about my future. I want to be in a career that suits my personality but at the same time gives me a decent wage. I have some serious problems with sleep. The problem is insomnia. I would really like a job that starts in the afternoon. For instance. There was a job I saw recently posted for a janitor for schools in the Toronto area. Now this job might not appeal to the majority of the population. It however struck a chord with me. The jos starts at $15.53/hr Canadian (not bad at all) and the shift starts at 3pm. This is the perfect time for me to start work. Why because if I stay up all night tossing and turnning I'll still have some time to sleep in. So here's what I'm getting at. The rules for replying to this post are as follows.

1. Name a high-paying socially stress free job.
2. Name the amount of time needed to invest in the education
to get this job. The shorter the better.

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Truck Driving is a good one. I have been thinking about doing it for a while. The pay is good and they are always in demand.
I am currently at the point where I will graduate in a few months but I am avoiding jobs that I could take, all because of my SA.

I advise that before one starts college they should make sure they will be able to handle the social aspects of their chosen field.

Going into college I thought that I would be over SA by now, but I'm still struggling with it.
Around here (Southeast Michigan), I looked into radiation therapy a few years ago and it is basically a two year internship at a hospital, nonpaid. You need 3 letters of recommendation and be able to pass biology, chemistry, physics and math classes through the hospital. It is best to do it when you are young because you have to do it during the morning shift like 7am-4pm. If you have a family or have a lot of bills it will be hard to do it because it is like a full time job. The worst part is that after the 2 years it is not a given that you will get a job offer.

Being an actual radiologist takes even more schooling than a radiation therapist.

It is difficult to get in, but if you can handle it, it is good pay.

my 2 cents

Truck driving is the best example of a good paying socially limited job, although you would have to be by yourself for many hours.
well said pjam. I too have noticed that networking and having good references is really the best way to get the job. Interaction is difficult, especially for me, which is why I am trying to improve my interaction with people. Being friendly with people at work is the best way to get connected to future jobs.

This is exactly what happpened to me:

"And once you get a job, it's nice to sit in a cubicle or wherever you sit or stand and not interact with people that much, but as time goes on, either your position will be eliminated or you will be replaced by younger eager and less paid talent."

Because of SA I was unwilling to seek advancement at my last job and now I am out of a job and seeking a new job, without much luck.

All jobs are about selling yourself and having a network, which is more important than actually having the skills. You have to be better than the competition.

Once again, good post.
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