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Good Paying, Socially Limited, Low Stress Jobs?

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Hi I was wondering what are some high paying socially stress free or socially limited jobs. For instance from what I gather a computer programmer would be one type of job. My uncle is a computer programmer and it only recently occured to me he is an omnivert leaning more towards the introvert side. He also really likes computers. I live in Canada and am thinking about my future. I want to be in a career that suits my personality but at the same time gives me a decent wage. I have some serious problems with sleep. The problem is insomnia. I would really like a job that starts in the afternoon. For instance. There was a job I saw recently posted for a janitor for schools in the Toronto area. Now this job might not appeal to the majority of the population. It however struck a chord with me. The jos starts at $15.53/hr Canadian (not bad at all) and the shift starts at 3pm. This is the perfect time for me to start work. Why because if I stay up all night tossing and turnning I'll still have some time to sleep in. So here's what I'm getting at. The rules for replying to this post are as follows.

1. Name a high-paying socially stress free job.
2. Name the amount of time needed to invest in the education
to get this job. The shorter the better.

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radfaraf said:
Futures said:
Having a job with no social interaction is only going to send you further down the SA road to hell. The more secluded someone is, the worse it gets. I find that when I'm out working and forced to interact with people, that my SA improves a bit.

Also, everyone should consider that the job they work today will have a huge impact on their ability to find a better job in the future. That's something a lot of us SA'er don't really consider. Instead we take the most comfortable route. But that usually invovles being in job that doesn't provide you with the skills that a lot of employers want. A job with no social interaction looks really bad on a resume IMO.

My career goal, is to find middle ground between a job that isn't overly intense socially, and one that offers plenty of room for advancement and added financial security. That's not something I'm going to find by bouncing from one data entry job to another.
Well said, everyone should for the most social job they can handle instead of the least. That's exactly what I did earlier this year and I'm glad I did that.
Yes that's the route I'm trying to go down myself. Generally where I have problems socially is in the free-for-all, unstructured times. I'm applying to optometry because I think it would be very good for me, in that it would give me social interaction, yet still in a structured environment where I would hopefully know everything. It's something I think I could get very used to, yet it would help socially. For instance, I used to be terrified of standing in supermarket checkout counters and ordering pizza over the phone, etc. Now, after years of having to do that, such tasks are no big deal to me.
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