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Good Paying, Socially Limited, Low Stress Jobs?

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Hi I was wondering what are some high paying socially stress free or socially limited jobs. For instance from what I gather a computer programmer would be one type of job. My uncle is a computer programmer and it only recently occured to me he is an omnivert leaning more towards the introvert side. He also really likes computers. I live in Canada and am thinking about my future. I want to be in a career that suits my personality but at the same time gives me a decent wage. I have some serious problems with sleep. The problem is insomnia. I would really like a job that starts in the afternoon. For instance. There was a job I saw recently posted for a janitor for schools in the Toronto area. Now this job might not appeal to the majority of the population. It however struck a chord with me. The jos starts at $15.53/hr Canadian (not bad at all) and the shift starts at 3pm. This is the perfect time for me to start work. Why because if I stay up all night tossing and turnning I'll still have some time to sleep in. So here's what I'm getting at. The rules for replying to this post are as follows.

1. Name a high-paying socially stress free job.
2. Name the amount of time needed to invest in the education
to get this job. The shorter the better.

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I'm a medical transcriptionist. I love it, but it is very hard work and it's hard on your body. It is also quite stressful at times. It is great for a person who enjoys writing, has LOADS of self discipline, and is not depending solely on this income to live. Many MTs quit early on when they realize this is hard work and that it takes a lot of experience to make decent money. Most people aren't willing to work this hard for peanuts, lol. And it IS peanuts in the beginning! For those who are commited to learning everything they can, there is great potential money wise. It just takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get to that point. If you ever hear those commercials on the radio that promise you will make big money doing transcription, DO NOT LISTEN!!! Those schools are scams and everyone in the business knows that people do not come out of school and make big bucks doing this. They just want your money.

MT'ing does require a good education. It costs a lot of money to get set up with all your equipment and stuff, but it is true, most MTs do not have to deal with many people. A lot of people get into the profession for the wrong reasons and then quit when they realize you can't do this with kids running around the house. You really need to treat this job as you would any other job outside of the house. In all honesty, it requires more concentration and focus than any other job I've ever had. It is not for everyone. But there are people like me who do enjoy the challenge and intense concentration required. It is a career where you never stop learning and every day is different than the last. And since you are paid on production, you truly get out of it what you put into it. There is no easy money in this. And if you need health insurance, forget about it, lol. I am self employed and luckily my husband provides our health insurance. I could not afford to do this if I needed to provide insurance. I would be practically working for free in that case.

But yes, it is a good option for some people with SA.
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