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Hello everyone,

I went to a doctor once about a year ago and I was really nervous and my mom pretty much had to force me to go. I saw him once and he gave me some celexa. He told me the symptoms that I had described is social phobia.

I need to go back and see him because I have tried the self help books route and natural remedies, nothing has helped. I just find it very hard to get up the courage to see him again. Plus I would need to have to ask him to fill something out for me to get on temporary disability in BC, canada where I live, since I can not work and have never worked in a normal job in my life. I need to work on my anxiety before I can think about getting a job, but I have been living off my family for too long now, I will be turning 21 june 7th. I won't be able to live here much longer if I can't bring in some money for rent somehow.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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