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Going to Prom as friends

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Okay, so a coworker invited me to her high school senior prom as friends. I am in my first year of college so there isn't much of an age difference. I said yes, because I figured, she just really wanted someone to go with her and Prom only happens once, blah blah blah. Anyways, we are pretty good friends at work, but I'm worried that I won't really fit in because I am really shy around people I don't know ( I don't know anyone in the group but her) Also, I've never really hung out with girls outside of work.. I didn't go to my prom/wasn't much of the partier back in high school either. The last dance I went to was in seventh grade, and surprise surprise, I didn't dance:um... how can I make the night fun for her without it being awkward on her, the group, and me? Any tips/advice?

Also, I kind of like her, but I know she just wants to go as friends, so I'm constantly reminding myself that we are going just as friends. Like I said, I've never hung out with girls outside of work, never had a gf, etc... any advice on this issue? Honestly, I was kind of surprised that she asked me...

Finally, when we did hang out once after work recently, it was really weird, like the conversations wouldn't flow the same way they would at work... what can I do to try and fix this? Also, I don't know how to dance...:eek:

Thanks for the advice,

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Just remind yourself she's like any other friend, and treat her like this. I think this important in any situation. She could possibly like you and didn't have the nerve to ask you before. "Going as friends" could mean anything idk.

For dancing, move to the music, move side to side lol.

You are going to be at a dance so its different than if you were sitting in a coffee shop. There is more excitement and this could be good, and the other people might be good to give you a break in conversation with her. Just be open to a good time. Remind yourself that you don't know anyone there, and its ok to be yourself.
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