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Going to group therapy

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So I saw my first pscyhologist ever about a week ago or so and we decided (she decided) that I'd be a perfect candidate for group therapy. Sadly I only saw her for 20 minutes (was in a rush) and so we didn't get to talk too much and it was all very rushed.

So here I am, on my way to group therapy. Problem is, I'm not very optimistic about it working out for me and never have been. Of course I didn't voice that concern during the short period I was there but hey. I suppose that's okay. I know someone else who also went to the same place I did and I know they had to go to some extra private therapy sessions before they could enter the group therapy - I feel like I could have used that myself perhaps.

I know that thinking negatively about the therapy will only counter it's possible benefits. I'm not sure why exactly I'm making a thread here, I was hoping someone might be able to talk me up or something I guess. But that's it; I want to try group therapy a lot but at the same time, I'm really worried that it won't work at all, or that I may not follow instructions like I should.
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I wish you well in the group therapy. I wish I had access to group therapy, as just reading posts on this site and seeing that I am not alone with this problem makes me feel a lot better. Good luck. I think you'll be surprised what a caring and empathetic group can do for you!
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