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I'm pretty much at the end of my 1 week vacation. The week was a roller coaster ride. Relative happiness celebrating the new year, extreme sadness after argument with familiy members.

So tomorrow begins a new work week, and a new year! Not looking forward to last years work load. I remember how that same work load seemed so unimportant before leaving for my vacation.

Also have to have meaningless chit chat with co-workers about the holidays. I have been thinking about ways to improve my performance at work, which was at least constructive. I'll watch some more TV, and call it a night.

So how do you folks relax during the last hours of your vacation? How do you take on your return to work?

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On my last hours as a free man I just browse the internet and do as little as I possibly can so that time goes by as slowly as possible. Too depressed to do much else anyway, what with work looming around the corner.

I just try and ease into it when I go back and try to avoid the small talk about what I did (or more to the point what I didn't do) during my time off. I'm not in the mood to talk much first thing in the morning and would rather be left alone because the thought of a full week of work ahead of me is too utterly depressing for words :sigh
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