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I think we are allowed to suffer for a reason. Sometimes it helps us build qualities we otherwise wouldn't have, like a motivation to deeper faith, a desire to humbly accept help from God and the good people around us, a renewing of our understanding about why we are in crisis and what will put others in crisis, later, if not now.

I think that if you manage to hang in through the depression and all else that happens to you, and manage to keep trying different treatments and techniques, you will come to know yourself and learn to be more effective in living and enjoying life. You may even be able to help someone else learn to be more effective or to enjoy life. What if I can do this?

For me, lots of depression and anxiety forced me to accept that, duh, I can't save myself. I need Christ's help. It also forced me to accept who I am. I could not accept that I am not just like what I think everyone else is like. Then I had to accept there could be use for a person like me in the world. And now I am learning to accept my responsibility to be the best version of me. And it all started in despair because I wasn't exactly like other people. And I'm starting to wonder with excitement where it will all lead.
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