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Cool story, bro!
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I go crazy in my own way
scare my family s.hitless.
Being strapped to hospital beds was never on their wish list.
Every days an obstacle I struggle to maneuver through
Their eyes say it all ‘what the f.uck do I do with you?’
put holes in your walls
and then holes in your heart
From watching your only sons world falling apart
Holding walls in the dark, spinning-
Thoughts are revolving doors
Never can be sure if they’re mine or yours
My mind explores the darkness and dwells there
emotions travel endlessly climbing up hells stairs
Pensively stare with pencil in hand
Furled brows
Sweat glands working double shifts now
Curled in bed heart racing all the nervous ticks
Pacing back and forth in my thoughts and got sick
Being found isn’t something I can see
I need freedom. I need something I can be.

I go crazy in my own way
scare my family s.hitless
Being strapped to hospital beds was never on their wish list
For me-Chris the social misfit-
Lets a play a game and see how many veins get split
It’s more me then you
why you all upset for?
You act like you’re the reason that I’m knocking on deaths door.
Every respiratory breath that I breathe's another story of pain
So it’s best that I leave there’s nothing more for me to gain.
I was once encapsulated by the beautiful Rainier-
I look at it now and just hope that it rains fear.
They say my left brain spheres speared by depression
I say it’s more like its been blown beyond question.

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i like it - it's full of imagery and the metaphors make their point really well

"Sweat glands working double shifts now"

says the same in 1 line that coulda been said over 2 or 3. it's more powerful in this way i think (being abit understated)

it takes balls to post that though. it's very intimate. i cant really comment on your life but the poem is very powerful. imagine what your family would think if they ever read it? as an outsider i think it would be a great thing if you showed them, but i know that would be pretty difficult to do if i was you.

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wow that's good...
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