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FYI, I'll probably delete my answer later cuz I'll be embarrassed by it

So, I'm female and I don't really get "turned on" but if its someone who I think is especially attractive or whatever, I will have an almost overwhelming physical "reaction."

Like once I was in the tv room my dorm building and it was just me and this cute guy working on his work like I was, who I'd never seen/spoken to before and we were watching this movie and he made a couple comments about it, and I made the obligatory chuckle, and in later days, I only saw him a couple times when he sat right ****ing next to me in the computer lab-we didn't say anything to each other but I knew it was him, and I felt distracted from what I was doing, I felt too aware of all my movements, I hoped that I was looking good that day.......

Then this other time, I have this habit of staring, and I stared at this one guy like a totally crazy person one day and then I couldn't stop thinking about him(and he also lived in this dorm!)and one day we ended up being in the same elevator for 3 floors, and I pretended to be immersed in my mp3 player but all the while, I was aware of him, and my face started getting hot esp since he had his body turned towards me like he was looking at me[EDIT] Luckily I got to my floor before my face turned full on red

So yeah,, I've felt what you've felt
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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