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So I moved into a new studio apartment last week. As difficult as it was, I went to all those "new resident" events and managed to meet a few people. One of the people I ended meeting at an event happened to be my next door neighbor.

He seemed nice so one of my friends suggested inviting him and his friend over to play cards. We did and it was somewhat awkward because we don't have a ton in common, but I think it actually went pretty well. Well, that was a few days ago (Wednesday, I think) and I had not heard anything from him until last night.
He had some friends over and the situation got way out of hand. Blasting music until 3 and one his friends got sick all over his apartment and the walkway outside of the apartments.

It was annoying, but he just came over and apologized for the noise/puke and he did seem pretty sorry about it. After apologizing we both tried to make small talk, but it wasn't very effective. I was in the middle of cooking lunch so I wasn't prepared for a conversation and kind of blanked on anything to say.

School starts tomorrow and I'm determined to put myself out there and make more friends this semester, but I just never know the proper..."etiquette." How many times do you invite someone to do something before you stop and expect them to do it? Or just decide there is not going to be a connection at all? What do you invite them for? Watching a movie? Eat dinner? Playing a video game?

I just don't know if I should try and and invite him over again or not. Even more awkward is that it's a studio so it's not like there are other roommates around. I wish I wasn't so awkward.
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