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hey guys :D
so i have a pretty average SAD and im a highschool student on the 10th grade.
anyways i've always been quit shy and quiet around people but i still had a nice amount of friends and my grades been at the top of my class, i used to be the one always raising her hand, answering questions, volunteering to read out loud and those kind of stuff, you can say that you could always hear my voice, all that had kept untill i reached 7th grade in which i got to a new school, new people.
i still had my former friends and actualy befriended with another group of girls but i got alot more quite when it comes to being in class, as the time went by i grew very self councious and stopped any patricipation at class whatsoever, to the point where i get a rush of anxiety even when a teacher does as little as to call on me at class, at that point in 7th grade my social anxiety realy started to make notice.
speaking of the present time, i lost almost all my friends but thats for another story, most of the time i'm alone at school, i've been skipping school alot due to anxiety which led me to be left way behind, my grades got so bad that i dont know how im going to catch up right now and at this point i'm failing a couple of my classes.
i've had depression but i'm doing better now, i still have some rough times though.
i've had this social anxiety thing for five years now, no social life, grades are terrible, afraid to get a job that'll have to put me in an enviorment around people, feeling like a failour at home and i'm just constantly tired physicaly and mentaly.
i havn't told anyone i have SAD not even my mom, i think she wont understand even if i do try to explain, she'll say i'm making a big deal out of nothing and i'm making out excuses.
i've been thinking lately about going to the doctors, maybe itll actully help ot at least i could get some meds to stop some of the physical symptomes.
should i still try to talk with my mom and consider the option of a doctor? or you can actually do this on your own? i used to think that you can but i'm not sure anymore...
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