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I think I'm getting closer to conquering my social anxiety. Normal situations don't seem to cause much anxiety for me anymore. There are still some situations that cause me a lot of anxiety, but I've gotten better at facing those situations. Most of my progress has come from desensitising myself to social situations through exposure to them. It is important to keep a positive mindset when using this method, because as many of you know exposure can be what caused our social anxiety in the first place.

I've come a long way. Four or five years ago I was afraid to leave my house. Since then, I've had several jobs and started college. I've also been going out and doing hobbies that I enjoy.

Just wanted to post this to remind me of how far I have come. It can be hard to keep motivated when progress slows down. My progress as of late has been more of a polishing of areas that I have already improved on.

I'll post a more detailed triumph post when I finally conquer social anxiety. :D
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