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What's behind anxiety? Low self confidence, avoidance behavior, negative thinking, bad memories, lack of experience, bullying, pitying, jealousy, envy, bad family, bad job, bad life, no social skills, no relationship, no job, no money, bad moods, bad character, bad whatever, lack of everything or anything?

Over the years I've plowed through many of the above popular reasons people claim causes anxiety, and I'm still right back where I started. I've come to the conclusion that nothing causes SA. Nothing causes anxiety. It's pure bad luck. The unlucky got it, and the lucky ones don't.

Anxiety, whether it be of the social or of any other type, comes from nowhere and therefore has nowhere to go. It will never leave.

One think I've learned though, is that much of what I was calling anxiety was not anxiety at all. Somethings I was just not good at, and somethings I was never meant to have. anxiety only made that clear. The relieve is knowing my limits, but not being limited in what I can know.
That was a great post. Very deep. Really like the highlighted part.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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