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I'm getting there slowly. I am amazed when I can stand up for myself and ask questions.

Yesterday at a garage sale there was a really nice office chair with wheels and all and it was being sold for $25.00. I thought about it for a few minutes.

Then I thought maybe she would take 20 instead. So I said, "If I get this chair would you take 20 for it?"

And she said yeah or something like that-so we managed to get it into the car somehow.

Then at the store I had to ask the pharmacist about an over the counter medicine and I had to wait about ten minutes before I had my turn-explained what I was taking and they told me the med I wanted to take had caffeine in it, so I saved myself some money b/c I avoid that stuff.

That was the only problem. It's weird but I have all this confidence and even some people-random strangers are nicer to me. They must sense my confidence. Plus I dress nicer when I can and that makes a difference.

You get respect-not that we don't deserve it no matter what. :boogie
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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