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Get a job this week

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Okay I decided to post this in the goal area so it's actually real and it means I have to do it. I'm going to get a job this week even if I'm on the ground and dying, I will do it.. The process starts tomorrow, and I'll keep everything updated in this thread.

*breathe in breathe out* :hide
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Congrats on the job! Way to go! :banana :banana :banana
darkangel said:
1) I think that smoking weed on the job is okay: Agree or Disagree
2) All employees steal: Agree or Disagree
3) I come into work late all the time: Agree or Disagree
:lol I enjoyed reading that.

Kudos to you for achieving your goal.
The time is 7:31am and my feet hurt so much I can't even walk! Time to sleep though, I'll go into detail when I wake up (in a million hours :b )
Argh I just typed a bunch and my computer froze. ANYWAY.


Here's how my first day went.

I pulled into the wal-mart parking lot in the dark and noticed there werea few people smoking outside. I sat in my car debating whether I should go up there and join them or not. Finally I did, and noticed that one of the guys there was my supervisor's husband from my last job, and a guy who had fixed my car a few times in the past. So we started talking right away. There was only like 6 stockers! Three females over 30, and a few guys who were a little older than me. Everybody was very nice and welcoming.

We went in the store and a guy who I actually knew from school who's a little older me, showed me everything, how to swipe my time card, where the break room was, lockers.. That was nice. Then we all went out to the front for the morning "meeting" where the manager (who doesn't even seem older than me) assigned departments for everyone. At one point he said, "We have a new addition, welcome back Kelly!" And I said, "Welcome back? I was never here" lol Turns out he just got my mixed up with another Kelly.

I was working with an older lady and we were in charge of paper and chemicals. (paper towels, garbage bags, Off!, Tide etc.) And we had a few huge stacks of boxes which needed to be stocked. If stuff didn't fit on the shelves it either went on the riser (top shelf) or was sent back as Overstock. So we did that for awhile, unpacking stuff, loading it onto the shelves and making things look neat.

First break was at 12:30am and we all went outside the store to smoke. They were actually trying to include me in the conversation, so that was cool. I was still quiet because I didn't know what to say.

"Lunch" was at 2:30am and we all went outside to smoke again. 2nd break was at 5:00am and same thing.

The work is pretty easy, just unload boxes and put stuff on shelves, then rip up the boxes and put them in a huge bin. I can even bring a discman or something if I want. It's very relaxed there. Everybody is equal and jokes around, and a guy goes on the intercom to say when every break is. We can keep things in the fridge or microwave stuff.. It's not a bad job. Very good for SA because we all work alone and just talk at breaks or something. No CUSTOMERS! :banana

I work again in about 5 hours. I think I work 5 days on, 2 days off, and I get paid every 2 weeks.

I wasn't tired AT ALL either, it felt just like daytime.

Bring on the cash! :boogie

Thanks everyone for your comments along my "journey" ;)
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