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Anyone ever had "fun" in College?
(ie. party and such...)

For me it's sort of small list:

*I've been to my first and only visit to a frat house(Delta Tau Delta house @ TCU). It was a really gritty, slighty worn out interior. Me and a few friends went with this freshman active that was a Delt. We had a few drinks there and had some Guitar Hero action. It's was alright at that moment. Though, when we went off campus to "smoke" it became a little different. This guy there(another Delt) had insulted me when he refered in a crude sexual comment of me sucking on a pipe...I really don't want to mention here. Well, at the time I was drunk and said something back he didn't like. And that was in between another person instigating stuff that me and the Delt should have a drinking match. Later on, I end up on a "blacklist" by the Delts for that stunt. Really? Just because of that. Everyone was messed up. I thought it was because of the race thing...but whatever.

*Beer pong. For a few games or so. 1 win and 3 loses. Won my 1st match thought it was in sudden death. lol.

*Body painting. Not too bad. Though, I had a bad tan for a bit.
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