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Hey everyone,
Good morning. I actually wasn't feeling too good about anything when I woke. You know that feeling where you are lonely and you just wonder how long its going to take to make some friends? You know, you can't just put that on your to-do list: get groceries, do laundry, make nice funny intelligent friends.....if only it were that easy!! :lol
So I thought, I will go to Starbucks this morning and at least be around SOME people and maybe that will quell the loneliness. But that didn't exactly work. It was really busy and loud, of course, because its Starbucks! So I couldn't really start any little bit of chit chat with the girl at the counter. I ordered and waited for my reciept. She had her back turned and when she looked back and saw me she had this look like,,What on earth are you doing here?? I thought it was funny. Two seconds before she was nice and cheery taking my order, but I didn't move through fast enough and I think it frustrated her. Oh well, not sure why, but I do think its funny. So now I have ended up with an overpriced gigantic blended coffee that will rot my teeth and give me a headache. The things we do to get out and meet people...jeez :lol
It's strange, I am suddenly feeling happy now. (and I don't think its necessarily the large coffee I have here!) I guess it was just better to get out and not have a great experience and laugh than to just go to work as usual. It's a strange, but I actually feel this way. I had read about it, but didn't think it would actually I really like this dancing here goes..... :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana
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