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Almost two months ago, I wrote on this board about how I had hit rock-bottom. I was unemployed, separated from my wife, and back in my childhood home with my parents (with the only motivation being a dream of having my own virtual business). In comparison to all my personal crises I have endured in life, this last experience from which I have emerged victorious was the most trying, devastating, and emotionally painful ever.

My life has changed suddenly both in my career and in my relationship. First, I was contacted for an office manager position back in NYC two weeks ago unexpectedly, took the 5 hour bus trip there to interview for the position twice, and was finally hired!!!!!! I start on May 15! It’s finally a job in my field (I graduated with a BBA in business, specializing in finance).

Secondly, I thought my wife had abandoned me, but she decided she wanted to work things out and help me. I admit that I wasn’t the best husband and took her for granted. Indeed, I didn’t strive to make her happy and didn’t treat her like I loved her, but I do. And we've been seeing each other over the past 3 weeks on the weekends, and I'm moving back in on Saturday. Last week, I surprised her with flowers, a loving card, and a balloon that said "I Love You" at her job. It was delivered to her by a florist at the end of her work day, and she told me that I caused everyone at her office to erupt when it happened. She was really happy! There's been a revival in our romance and it feels like we are courting again. My wife is absolutely beautiful and she could have left me if she wanted to for other men, but she loves me and wants us to be a family with my 2 year old son. She wants me to go to church with her every Sunday, which I will happily do, and we’ve put God in our relationship. We’ve also received an outpour of support, especially from some of her friends and relatives. She could have divorced me if she wanted, but she is really loving and compassionate. If this were any other American woman, I would have been kicked to the curb with NO second chance, based on the man I was and my problems including SA. There is no one other woman I want to be with.

Finally, I intend to go to grad school in January to get a MBA in Health Care or a master’s in Business Computer Information Systems. I’ve been studying for the GMAT test and am in the stages of gathering my letters of rec, essay, and everything else to have ready to conquer the admissions process. In case I’m a little short on money, my new job will help pay the way, if need be.

I am so happy right now and optimistic!

It's just amazing that a month ago, I was at rock-bottom. It's hard to fathom the vagaries and unpredictability of life, but I think I’m on the right path again! I remember writing here two months ago that life is a successive collection of peaks and valleys. Well, I’m no longer in the valley, and on my way to the peak!
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