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I've been trying to keep myself going out regularly since the anxiety had gotten really bad. A couple months back it seemed to get worse when instead of trying to push through it, I decided to keep away from my friends and family so I wouldn't feel uncomfortable. It feels like any way I try I'm bound to feel uncomfortable out of guilt, or uncomfortable out of anxiety.

My neighbors have been wanting me to bring them to a restaurant that I am very fond of in the area. I already put it off yesterday, and I've ditched them in the past and felt horrible about it. It's always my nerves acting up, the tenseness in my chest, the dread I feel all day. Then in my mind the only thing that relieves that stress is the thoughts like, "You know if you really wanted to you could just ignore them and not even go."

I keep worrying that they'll hate the foodand I wont know what to say, or ask me a bunch of questions about it that I won't be able to answer, or that I'll be so nervous I won't be able to keep up a good conversation. I worry things won't plan out right. I could use some tips or reassurance or advice if anyone has any. :(
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