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I didnt really know what title i should use, sorry if it souds strange.

so my friend met someone this year (or it might have been the end of last year, not sure). Their now in a relationship. I havn't met her boyfriend yet. She also didnt ask me to, which to be honest i dont mind. I never told her about my social anxiety. I've only officially been diagnosed this year.

we have just been texting about going to the gym thogether, i asked her If sunday is ok. She agreed but asked if her boyfriends sister can come with us, so i can meet her.

Not going in to detail, but the past year till now hasnt been easy for me due to social anxiety and talking about my self, as in getting to know someone, i feel like hast never been more difficult for me. Altough my friend doesnt know about my SA we've known each other for about 9 years (sience we were like 12) and she at the very least knows im very shy. In the past everytime i was "forced" to meet her other friends or even relatives its been extremly unfomfortable for me. I was always kinda trown in to the group no introduction or support from her, or like on her 18. birthday party she kind of left me there on my own for most of the evening. All of that is fine, shes not my mum or whatever and doest HAVE TO take care of me or help me out in these situations, but It makes me so anxious about sunday. I know i cant rely on her to help me out when it gets awkward and some of the stuff that currently just isnt going right in my life could very easily come up during small talk, which im not ready for.

If i wasnt the one who set the date, i would have just cancelled. I dont know what to do, should i go but then feel like **** after and be scared about having to meet her again?Or emberrass my friend by being really weird?

i know i should be grateful that she wants me to meet her, but i honetly wished she would just introduce me to her boyfriend so i got it over with..

sorry if i shound weird or whiny but i needed to get that out somewhere

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You should probably just be honest with her and tell her how you feel if you're really not up for meeting her boyfriend's sister.

But looking in the longer term, you are likely to run into these situations again and again and again. Eventually you will run into one where you cannot really get out of. So maybe it's better to try to gradually force yourself into meeting new people, hopefully to force yourself to adapting outside your social comfort zone. In terms of fearing of sharing your own stuff with small talk, you can always just be vague, which is totally ok especially with someone you just met.

Good luck with your decision.

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I think you should go for it. It鈥檚 not as socially demanding as being on own at a birthday party the focus is on the gym as that鈥檚 what you all there for. You could gain another friend.
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