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I wrote this a long time ago and I've decided to throw it out there.

One of my favorite artists is Sarah McLachlan and this is just a poem where I took a bunch of her song lyrics and mixed them up and threw them together and this is what came out of it.

I hope you guys like it.

As the Walls are closing in.
And the Colors fade to Black.

Crouching down inside a deep Ravine.
As my Eyes are falling fast and deep into me.
A cold Wind blows right through me.
I'm made a hollow Shell.
But no one ever talked in the Darkness.
I would like to linger here in Silence if I choose to,
Would you try to understand?
No voice ever added Fuel to the Fire.
Where all the Home that's offered is
Memories of being taken by the Hand.
No Light ever shown in the Doorway.
Let me be empty and weightless and maybe
I'll find some Peace Tonight.
How could I explain? You would not want to hear.
And I follow the Tracks that lead me down,
And I never follow what's right.

I've watched their Existence torn apart at the Seams.
Deep in the Hollow of earthly Desires.
In this sweet Madness, this glorious Sadness,
That brings me to my Knees.
And I wonder sometimes when they see all the
Sadness and Pain the Truth brings to Light.

They've torn the Lifeblood from your naked Eyes.
I can't sleep. I'm haunted by their Faces.
But if in some Dream there was Brightness.
When we wore a Heart of Stone, we wandered to the Sea.
And we are led into the Sun.
Cause I can't see no Reason. What is blind cannot see.
Fire, the Water that carries me to the Sea.
You are seen as my Security.
If in some Memory, some sort of Sign.
I've walked down long Roads that seemed to have no End at all.
Cause I want what is pleasing.
All I take should be free.

The Ice is thin. Come on. Dive in.
Underneath my lucid Skin, the Cold is lost. Forgotten.
But I fear, I have Nothing to give. I have so much to lose.
At the Crossroads I am standing.
Then Flesh be revived in the Shadows.
Into the Night. I yearn for Comfort.
They close the Doors and are letting Nobody in.
Only the Strong will survive.
What I rob from the innocent Ones,
What I steal from the Womb.

We both knew what we wanted.
Bless-ed our Bodies would lay so entwined.
And we took it believing it free.
If I cried me a River of all my confessions
Would I drown in my shallow Regret?

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I just took all of my favorite lyrics and put them in there. I never realized how depressing some of her songs were until then.

Have a nice day,
Kelly :)

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: )

I really liked this. Sarah Mclachlan is also one of my favorite artists!! i saw her yrs ago at lilth fair....but missed her last tour this yr..grr but yeah i loved what you did with the songs and lycrics...very beautiful!!
Much <3 : )
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