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Every once in a while you get a breakthrough in life...I got a breakthrough about "forgiveness" during one of my meditations...I felt God was explaining it to me by reminding me of Jesus on the cross...when he said "father forgive them cause they don't know what they are doing"...then he told me that Jesus said that for all people in all time...anytime any one does anything bad to hurt another, that person really doesn't know what they are doing...
I sort of questioned this...and he showed me that if that person was standing before Jesus and really "knew" what they were doing...they never would have done it. When I feel I have been hurt by others, I just remember they really didnt "know"...none of us really know sometimes what we are doing to another.
that is also why in the Lord's prayer he says to forgive others so we also can be forgiven...we are all guilty...yet all entitled to forgiveness. based on Jesus saying "they don't know what they do"
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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