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Forced to live in a cell phone world

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We are forced to live in a cell phone world. It's how people keep in touch now, whether you accept it or not. Of course, many don't have cell phones. It holds them back, though. But when you have a cell phone, people can get in touch with you, including your boss and other people you don't want to talk to/be able to get in touch with you. These little pieces of technology expand and destroy our freedoms.

I sort of quit my job today. I was constantly thinking of throwing my phone out into the ocean. Today I walked up to the ocean and thought about it. Just hurl it out into the ocean. My boss has my home phone number, though. So, I finally called him back and explained my situation as best as I could.

The only reason I want a cell phone is for friends and women. Otherwise, cell phones suck. Even for friends they aren't that great of a thing.

This has nothing to do with social anxiety, though. I just do NOT think it's okay for people to get in touch with you whenever. You can turn off your phone, but they know you have a cell phone. They know you may be ignoring them. It doesn't work. You are a slave... to everyone who knows your cell phone number and thinks they you might be ignoring them. This piece of technology is anti your freedom. You are not free if you have a cell phone. The same could even be said about phones in general, and then the internet. F--- this s---. I just want to live out in the woods.
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No one ever calls me on my phone so I don't have to worry about any of that. I like having my phone at all times tho in case I get into trouble, i.e. car breaks down or whatever.
I don't like people calling me too. SMS yes. Call no.
I think texting costs me money, as in I'm not signed up for it or something. I don't want to pay for anything. I actually kind of dislike texting, especially when it comes to drama.
should be about $.10 per txt. i have a plan of $5/month for unlimited txting though
I have a cell phone that I really only use, lol, for emergencies, its calculator, and as an alarm clock.
Yeah, I think I could have done that, Nubly. Do you have T-Mobile? Do you happen to know if it costs money to receive text messages?
Yeah, I think I could have done that, Nubly. Do you have T-Mobile? Do you happen to know if it costs money to receive text messages?
T-Mobile does charge to read texts. T-Mobile can also blow me.
I love my iPhone. As I've said before, it's more of an internet access device than a phone... Once you have one it's hard to go back with how handy it is in just about every aspect of your life. The phone aspect is the one I use the least...
Yeah, I think I could have done that, Nubly. Do you have T-Mobile? Do you happen to know if it costs money to receive text messages?
im with verizon but im pretty sure all cells charge to send and receive txt but the $5 unlimited plan covers for sending and receiving txt
I finally got a cell phone a year ago. I had one I could use from work, and I carried it pretty consistently and hated being sooooo accessible. Makes hiding tough. But as my daughters got out in the world a few years ago, I like being able to pester them.
Atticus said:
But as my daughters got out in the world a few years ago, I like being able to pester them.
And I am sure they adore that!! :b :lol
I dont even have a home phone right now, nevermind owning a cell :lol
All my communication is done through internet messengers and emails. There's no way i'm getting a cell until i'm forced to.
I don't use my mobile phone... No point. : >
I've never owned a cell phone. It's funny hat I have a laptop and an iPod, but have never owned a cell phone. I don't want to be in constant contact with people. My landline number was accidentally printed under Mailboxes Etc. in the yellow pages, so I don't even answer the phone anymore!
I have kids and jobs, so I must have phones.... I hate my cell phone. I hate my home phone more. I hate them and have lost a couple of friends over them, and frustrated or angered others.

I am an introvert - I enjoy talking to friends in person, one on one or in very small groups, but I hate, hate, hate the phone.
If I'm talking to someone face to face and my cell rings, I won't even look at it, just quietly silence it, so that I am not rude to the person talking. After I leave that person, I will check to see who called. Now the painful truth that I am not proud of - 90% of the time I won't call them back. It has NOTHING to do with how I feel about that person - generally I like everyone who calls me, but for some reason I hate the phone. I tell myself I will call them back - but I usually don't. Honest to God - I don't know why. Also - when it rings, I often just don't answer. I don't think it's a panic attack exactly, but I look at caller ID, and even if I love the person, enjoy the person - often, I just feel a little nervous or overwhelmed and won't answer it...? Can't explain it!
I have been confronted (rudely) on more than one occasion about my poor "phone manners".

I love text message, FaceBook message or email - quick, easy, I reply to those 90% or more of the time- there is no pressure - it's just pleasant to me. My daughter and I write long letters to each other every couple of days - I love it. I am crazy about her, but don't even like to chat with her on the phone. She knows it and thinks it's just part of her mom - doesn't bug her - we have a great relationship, but it's not that easy with most people in my life.
Sadly, I have family and friends who only feel loved if we chat- - - regularly, on the phone. I've tried everything, but these folks do not get it - they just think I'm either rude or don't love them. Yes, my dad even keeps up with the exact number of days between when I call him, reminding me regularly how my siblings call him all the time... says he won't call me anymore because he knows I won't answer so there's no point...

Also - I am sooooooooo tired of the "funny" thing a couple of people say when I do actually answer the phone. They feign a heart attack and complete shock - praising me like a child... silently in my head, as I listen to this - (not fake-laughing, by the way -I wait silently for them to finish) I think, "Glad you enjoyed it because Hell may freeze over before I answer your call again".
PLEASE tell me there is somebody else out there struggling with their phone.... and hopefully a great solution - I'm ready - bring it on!
I don't want to be this way - I don't want to hurt people I love - I swear, I don't think I can help it!? help.

PS please reply here - I would give you my cell number, but, well, you know... I wouldn't answer.. :)
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I just got my first cell phone a few months ago. I got it because I've been stranded a few times without a phone (usually after moving from one city to another) and it was a nuisance having to hunt down pay phones and not being able to give anyone a number where they could reach me. I'm planning to get rid of my home phone and just use my cell. I never talk on the phone, so I'm basically paying $35 a month just so that telemarketers can get a hold of me! With a pay-as-you-go cell phone plan, I think I could save a lot of money. One thing I love about my cell phone is that it has caller ID at no extra charge. I hate answering my home phone because I don't know who will be at the other end.
cell phones suck ! All this technology is pretty useless, I would be much happier without it.
agree with almsot everything said in this thread. cell phones are annoying.

i hate seeing people text constantly, call constantly, use their phone constantly, etc etc etc. why cant they just appreciate the present, the here and now? i hate when people use phones while their talking to you. it's freaking disrespectful.
also like to add: this generation is so fidgety. everyone has to be doing something at EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. They have to check their voicemail, have to check texts, have to check email, have to check everything, blah blah blah. people just can't sit quietly and observe the world around them.

its weird. i mean, if i have nothing to do or nothing to say, then i am perfectly fine sitting there quiet lol. some people might see this as boring or anti-social, but w/e. thats just me.
I just do NOT think it's okay for people to get in touch with you whenever.
I agree. I do have a cell phone, but I just carry it for my own convencience/security (e.g. for calling a taxi, or emergencies), and if people ask for my cell phone number, I let them know that I don't check incoming calls regularly! I still have a land line -- which is much cheaper for my purposes -- and I make sure that very few people have that number!

I've never understood the attraction of using a cell phone to chat with someone when you're out and about. There's zero privacy. Everyone can hear you. Yet that doesn't seem to bother a lot of people!
I have no problem just not answering my cell phone. Most people I know answer it when they feel like it. They don't answer when they are talking to someone, out to eat, playing a game even... unless it's someone they really want to talk to. I find it no different. If there's any pressure put on you then you're putting it on yourself. No one expects someone to answer their phone every single time. In fact I expect most people won't answer their phone when I call and usually they call back or I call later.

My cell phone was the best thing for my SA. I never used a phone until I got a cell. Now I can see who is calling and answer if I feel like it. If I don't know the number I can decide whether to answer (rarely) or look up the number on whitepages reverse lookup later and decide if I want to answer it next time. If it's important someone will call again. If it's not then I'm glad I didn't waste time answering it. I don't even have a house phone plugged in.
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