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font size

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when im on the internet the font size is small on websites. smaller than it was before. its hard to read and its really annoying. i dont remember changing the settings. does any1 know how to change this?
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If yr using internet explorer look up at the top click on View and then Text Size.. can change it to a bigger size :)
Is it just the font or does the whole display appear smaller? You might try changing the display size. Right click on your desktop, then on 'display modes' see which display size is selected. Increasing the display size makes the font and everything smaller. I use 800x600. Anything smaller than that (larger display image) and it makes it too hard for me to read.
sometimes this happens to me on it's own... so I just have to do what chic says to change it... kinda annoying but no biggie..
i did what chic said and it fixed it :thanks
If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse and hit the CTRL button it will change your font depending on which way you scroll.. That could be why it is changing without you realizing why.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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